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For over 30 years, Opgal has established itself as a world leader in thermal imaging cameras and sensors.

Opgal's online store offers you a selection of our products for direct purchase.

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What our customers are saying:

"The Therm-App concept is brilliant, merging high tech thermal hardware with the computing capacity of a smartphone. It is easy to assemble and intuitive to use. The high pixel count means that every detail and nuance is captured. Definitely one of my better purchases and highly recommended!"

Joe B. Kildare, Ireland

"We have been running comparison tests Opgal’s Therm-App, Seek Thermal, FLIR HS324 and Thermal Eye XP200.

The Opgal’s Therm-App provides the best thermal resolution of all the units and for our operational needs is excellent. With our low budget, we were able to purchase 12 units at this price.

Opgal’s unit offers the flexibility  with its software application.

Currently its being paired with a Meizu M2 Note or Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone as viewer, which are proving excellent."

Peter E, New Zealand Police

"We needed an affordable unit and decided to purchase the Sii-HB from Opgal. We have been using it for over 2 years and are very statisfied with both the unit. But more importantly with the support Opgal provides. With each question we had, we received answers in no time."

Wayne C. Cape Town, South Africa

A world Leader in Thermal Cameras

The Opgal online store carries a wide selection of thermal cameras, cores, and systems, for security, law enforcement, search & rescue, surveillance, and personal thermal imaging, with more products being added all the time.

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